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I’m stuck. Stuck in a rut. Going through the daily motions of life. A life I don’t want to be living. I want excitement, happiness, contentment and I don’t have that currently. I’m yearning for change. Change needs to come or I’ll soon fall apart. c-c x

Remember pretty lady, you are not a tree. You are not rooted to where you are. Get up, move around. Seek out your change. You deserve great things - go find them. 


Body Positivity Monday
Series III

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Anonymous asked:
To me fantasy isn't all about my hidden sexual desires. My fantasy is to feel needed, wanted, and appreciated. To be looked at with lust as well as pure burning passion. To be felt, not just touched. My soul is what you should be making love to.



Sweet lioness, 

I often find myself feeble in the knees when a man can persuade my course of mind, and slip into the foretelling intimacy through minuscule gestures.

I always yearn to be distracted, and seeing this handsome face teasing me until my thighs quiver in desire is enough to divert my attention from Skyrim and visually trace his every move until I get lost in the almost surreal sensations.

For this is a powerful gesture yet the human tongue promotes such a soft invitation.

It’s the fantasy of distraction that pulls my interest away and I always seem to fall weak to the dominant source. 

(You’re lovely as always)

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the first step to any murder is to have fun and be yourself


I don’t know how she has the time, but Pontellier finds a hell of a lot of awesome images - this one, obviously, included.