Do me a favor and get in my bed and cuddle me all night.


I wasn’t able to take a photo in time for last weeks theme but I wanted to take part in it. This is my sexual confession:

When we last met up, I had a dress on. As soon as we got in the car I took off my panties and gave them to him to hold on to. Then we went out to eat lunch.
When we got back to my house, we didn’t last long with keeping our hands off each other. All it took were kisses and touches from him and I was dripping down my thighs. My lack of underwear made it impossible to hide what he was doing to me. But still, we went as slow as we could stand, delaying the moment. There is only one first time and we both wanted to savor it.
Every moment of anticipation, the waiting, the teasing, it was all worth it. 
Love, ESD
Sweet ESD, as if you couldn’t get sexier?! This made my mouth salivate - you described the yearning and teasing perfectly. I’m so glad to hear it was all worth it. 

Disney ladies + dreams

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Jesse Greene





Ninja & Trouble - 

Do you know what i love about black & white photography? It’s romantic. It conjures up emotions of a bygone era, and we emote because of it. 

I am, through and through, a hopeless romantic - a lost idealist  - but a functioning pragmatist. 

What i mean to say is this; live simply. Breathe out patience and kindness. Be good to others. Be even better to yourself. Listen to your dog chase fantastic creatures in its sleep. Wear lace even when your home is empty. 


I think Lioness has a lot of helpful advice and if you are not following her blog yet I suggest anyone reading this do so. Black and white was a great choice it really brings out the beautiful details of every curve and curl you captured. Very happy to see you waering your NNBB as well, thank you so much for always representing NN so positively and proudly. 

Yes girl, you’ve been told not to play with fire, it burns.

Yet, It also lights the way, and guides your path. It wards off unwanted spirits and cooks your food.

This is the definition of Virtue & Vice. They exist simultaneously, even inside you. Especially inside you.

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For those wondering… I designed this suit! Thank you to @keenabuttah for making it for me! 😍 #plusswim #curvesahead #curvy #plussizemodel #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards #boldncurvy #plusfashion (at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)

You have an Alicia Silverstone pout in this. Gorgeous.

Oh my god i want this swimsuit. How can i buy it?


I want to spread the news 

that if it feels this good getting used

You just keep on using me

Until you use me up

Until you use me up


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I’m all about imperfections today.

When I first took this, I was ten seconds away from deleting it, because of the way my back was twisted, trying to get the shot.

I’m glad I didn’t.  Today I decided I like it.